• Valentine’s Gratitude

    Whether you’re celebrating a partner, your pet, your friend, or your community, use this Valentine’s freebie to record your gratitude.

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  • Small Shopping List

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 7

    To round out the 7 Day of Gratitude freebies, we have the ubiquitous shopping list. In this version I’ve inserted a little color to turn that drab errand into a fun and colorful treasure hunt!

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  • Savings Goal Tracker

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 6

    It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to build up your savings. One helpful way of keeping your motivation strong is to build in smaller steps, such as smaller goal amounts along the way to your big goal. On each line, write an increment of money you’d like to reach and color in the image when you reach it. If you’d like, you can even put goal dates next to your amounts, to really tighten up your saving habits.

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  • Credit Score Tracker

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 5

    One of the less fun ways of adulting is knowing, and hopefully improving, your credit score. With this colorful chart, maybe it’ll help motivate you to get into the green! You can look up your credit score for free on websites like It won’t impact your score at all.

    A better credit score means better financial opportunities, such as low APR credit cards, high end loans, good housing, and so much more!

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  • Meditation Tracker

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 4

    Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase both physical and mental health, so why not start your own practice? Start small, even just a minute, at the beginning. If you find it overwhelming or activating (i.e. your anxiety or trauma becomes triggered), seek out the advice and assistance of meditation teacher.

    This color-in lotus is a fun way to keep track of your growing practice.

    You can download this freebie as an image, PDF, or as a Goodnotes file.

  • SEO Tracker

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 3

    When you have your own website, or you’re selling products in an online shop (*cough* *cough*), it can be helpful, and hopefully satisfying, to track the views your page(s), product(s), or search word(s) are getting. This is an easy way to do that. Simply plot out the below template each month. Use a new chart for each page, product, or search word. Or you can just do an overall overview of visits. Just in case it isn’t obvious, the letters on the bottom of the table are simply the months of the year.

    You can download this freebie as an image, PDF, or as a Goodnotes file.

  • Mood Tracker

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 2

    Next off we have a mood tracker! It can be incredibly useful and insightful to track your daily moods. Though I may be a little biased, being a licensed psychotherapist. Of course, our moods can change throughout the day, so record the most dominant mood of the day.

    Let’s talk a little bit about what each of those mood words mean:

    • Manic: this is a technical psychological term most often associated with Bipolar I Disorder. Mood tracking is especially important for those with this diagnosis as it can be a way to track early warning signs that a manic episode is on it’s way. Those in a manic episode sometimes have to be hospitalized due to how severely it disrupts their life.
    • Hypomanic: this is another technical psychological term, more often associated with Bipolar II Disorder. Similar to the mania, hypomania is a state of frantic euphoria, though this milder version can actually seem somewhat pleasurable to the person, though often still disruptive to their life.
    • Happy: this is your basic, generally happy, good mood.
    • Neutral: you’re neither sad nor necessarily happy. You’re just going about life.
    • Sad: perhaps you’ve had a rough day and are feeling a bit down, that’s where sad is.
    • Depressed: this is when your sadness starts to become a little more severe and persistent. If you’ve been feeling especially low for a couple of weeks, you’re likely looking at some form of depression and should seek the advice and treatment of a mental health professional. Sometimes medication can be helpful to lift a person out of this state into a more neutral and, hopefully, happier state.
    • Severely Depressed: this is a crisis depression state. There may be suicidal ideation, or even attempts. Or just the utter lack of ability to take care of oneself or do anything productive or pleasurable. This level of depression can be very disruptive to a person’s life and usually necessitates medical intervention, such as antidepressants and more careful mental health monitoring. You should definitely be in the care of a mental health professional if you’re experiencing severe depression.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: if you’re feeling suicidal please call or text with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255. You can even chat with them online!

    Back to the Mood Chart, you can download this freebie as an image, PDF, or as a Goodnotes file.

  • Daily Gratitude List

    7 Days of Gratitude, 2021 – Day 1

    To start us off, I’d like to offer you a template for your own daily gratitude practice. Start your morning off with reflecting on three things you are grateful (even if it’s just that you actually woke up!). Then at the end of the day, reflect on three good things that happened that day to build your appreciation for even the little things.

    You can download this freebie as an image, PDF, or as a Goodnotes file.

  • How to download my freebies

    I’ve created a brief tutorial for how to download my freebies. These screenshots were taken on an iPad Air 4 and illustrating how to download into Goodnotes specifically from a Chrome browser. However, the process is similar regardless of which notetaking app you’re using or what kind of device or browser you’re doing it on.

    Step 1: Click the link provided in the post to go directly to the file on your tablet. On the iPad, click on the three little dots in the top right corner and click on download. On other devices, choose the option that allows you to download files.

    Step 2: Go to the location where your files go and locate the file you just downloaded. In this image, it has been downloaded into a specific folder in my iCloud Files app.

    Step 3: On the iPad, click on the “share” icon and choose the option to open in Goodnotes or your favorite notetaking app. On other devices, find the option to open directly in the app, or import the downloaded file from within the app itself.

    P.S. the file you see in this tutorial is actually my Digital Planner Stickers which are available for sale in my Etsy shop!